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About "Giorgi"

Georgina Castro came to the United States from Peru in 2008 after an extended long-distance relationship with her soon to be husband, Joe McLaughlin.  In 2010, less than a month after their daughter was born, Joe was offered a job in Austin, Texas, and off to Austin she went.  Occasionally volunteering to help take care of a group of kids at her church, and then filling in for a friend in taking care of her child care, she begin to consider starting her own in-home child care business.  The decision to do so was made after coincidentally meeting a family in the supermarket, that were former customers of the child care where she had been helping her friend.  From a great distance, 2-year old Finley Ware spotted Georgina and stretched her little arms out to her.  Shortly thereafter, with Georgina as the owner and Joe managing the operations and administration, Georgina McLaughlin Child Care Services was born.  In September 2018 Georgina was approved to become a Registered Day-Care Home.  A new name was needed that had a more appropriate look and sound.  The name that was chosen was based on a nickname and somewhat of a term of endearment that family members would call Georgina when she was growing up in Peru.  The name "Giorgi" does have a caring sound to it, but more importantly, the name originates from heart-felt family love, caring, and sincerity.  Finley Ware was the first of a growing number of little ones who reach out to Georgina when they want to be held.



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